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Simple, Event-Based and Privacy-friendly Analytics

Get the information you need to increase conversions, retain customers and build your brand without your users sacrificing their privacy.

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Why Polometrics is different

Protecting your customers' Privacy

Our platform is totally compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR so you won’t have to worry about whether your customers’ data is secure and safe.

Ridiculously Easy to Use

Say goodbye to the hours spent sifting through complicated charts and pages of irrelevant data. Polometrics is designed to make your experience as seamless and smooth as possible.

Event-based & Marketing Insights

Take advantage of powerful insights that help inform your most important business decisions. You can even create your own events, e.g. form submissions, and build statistics on top of them.

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About Polometrics

In our work as software engineers, we noticed that businesses were getting frustrated at the constant cookie banners and popups on web analytics platforms. Not only did this diminish the user experience, but more importantly, it brought up major concerns about their customers’ privacy being compromised. Our team decided to take matters into our own hands. Thus, Polometrics was born.